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Taylor Beech
“My job is to get you results and help you to maintain them for life. With that said, I am extremely confident in all of our services, programs and trainers, and will match you up with the trainer best suited to you, perhaps myself. We offer a money back guarantee to help you make your decision to act with no regrets. 

Taylor Beech |

Top 10 WBFF Professional Muscle Model
Bally Total Fitness ”Personal Training Manager Elite Performer 2003″
Bally Total Fitness ”Personal Trainer of the Year 2001″
Over 13 years and 40,000 hours of personal training experience.
Instructor of Fitness Management and Marketing at Humber College
Management of Vitality Fitness Studio for over 6 years
ISSA Sports Performance Nutritionist International Sports and Science Association
NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
Competitive bodybuilder
Pilates Allegro Certified
Sports Supplement Model

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
SWIS Upper Body Functional Muscle Testing Certified SWIS
Bosu Certified
Corporate Speaker
Supplement Developer & Consultant
Fitness Sales & Management Consultant

Sheri Ciaramella

Sheri has been a fitness fanatic since she was a young child having grown up in a fitness family and father who ran marathons and a self described gym rat she has brought 5 years of personal training experience to the studio.  Now that she is all grown up and a mother of little Logan she has many challenges to stay in top shape.  Not only is she a mother but she has been successfully living with Type 1 Diabetes for over 20 years.  Having this as an obstacle to overcome to stay in shape is impressive enough, but she was not satisfied.  She worked hard and practiced discipline and various motivational techniques to compete in her first Fitness Model Competition this past October 2012!  She has now finished authoring her first book as well detailing how she was able to overcome all of these adversities and challenges to attain a perfect stage ready physique and now she is ready to pass all of this knowledge, passion and motivation on to you.
First Aid and CPR certified
ISSA CPT Certified Personal Trainer

Ramona Maynard
During her youth, Ramona spent much of her free time figure skating, swimming and playing softball. She participated in all school sports, winning the Athletic Award in Grade 8.  Ramona began weight training and running while in university, and chose a career in policing when she her studies were completed. After ten years with the police service and after the birth of her first child, Ramona decided to be a full-time mom.  Four years and 3 more children later, she decided to get return to weight training to shed the last few pounds of baby weight. She became a Personal Trainer Specialist through Can-Fit-Pro so that she can help others achieve their wellness goals.Ramona has recently helped her husband lose 100 pounds. It is important for Ramona to be the example for her children by leading an active lifestyle and eating well.
“At Vitality, we can help people take their health and fitness goals to the next level in a first-rate environment.” As Edward Stanley said, “Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”
Can Fit Pro PTS Certification
CPR-A/First Aid

Jason Hackett
My involvement in fitness began around the 9th grade when I grew tired of being a lanky kid with no muscle definition. While I was active in sports throughout the first part of my life, that was the extent of my physical activity. I began weight training and didn’t see results until a few years later. After having some success getting in shape and completing a couple of triathlons, I decided to obtain my personal training certification and help others achieve their personal goals; whatever they may be. Since then, I have run my own personal training company and am currently a trainer at Vitality Fitness. I continue my own strenuous training regimen and am no longer a lanky kid, but have obtained an impressive physique. I have trained clients with a multitude of goals, and am determined to help each and every client reach their goals, and help push them through all of the barriers and plateaus that may arise. “Through Vitality, that dream of once again playing sports with your family and friends can be achieved and surpassed.”
Can Fit Pro- Certified Personal Trainer
Level C-CPR and First Aid Certified

Karen Martin
Karen began her involvement in competitive sports at a young age, ringette, soccer, and later hockey filled her fitness needs. Family and a busy dairy farm later in life directed her workouts to a gym setting. It was here an instructor encourged her to pursue a fitness certification.
She completed the YMCA group and personal trainers programs. This was followed by CPTN’s personal trainers certification, Balanced Body’s pilates mat and reformer certifications, and smaller workshops in kickboxing, bosu training and sport conditioning. Karen truely appreciates the hard work that goes into being fit, and admires people who make it a part of their life. She believes it is important to role model to her children, as well as women her own age. She has personally experienced the benefits of being a part of Vitality’s studio. Vitality Fitness gives clients the location, support, and the the push (when needed) to achieve their fitness goals. She is proud to be a part of the team at Vitality.
“At Vitality Fitness our client specific training programs are the key to your success, your goal is our goal”.
Can-Fit-Pro Certified Personal Trainer
Can-Fit-Pro Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
CPR and First Aid Certified

Frances Fonte
Frances is a health care professional, dedicated to her patients and in the same office since graduation for over twenty years. She dedicates the same energy and commitment to her personal training clients. A Guelph resident all her life and is well known in the community. Her passion for fitness started in during her high school years.  Frances’s initial introduction to Vitality Fitness was as a client. She had a goal to succeed in the world of competitive mountain biking and found Taylor Beech’s program an ideal platform on which to attain this goal. Frances has competed in triathlons, the legendary Paris to Ancaster race, and the Ontario provincial mountain bike championships. She has medalled numerous times.  After training with Taylor for some time and fulfilling her goal in the world of competitive mountain biking she felt her personality and passion for fitness would make her an ideal personal trainer. She then became a Personal Trainer Specialist through Can-Fit-Pro.  Frances’s positive motivating attitude has enabled her to train a range of clients, from young athletes to adults that have never been exposed to physical activity.  After five years at Vitality Fitness she continues to help others and show them the path to fitness and healthy living.  ”At Vitality Fitness our client specific training programs are the key to your success, your goal is our goal”.
Can-Fit-Pro Certified Personal Trainer
Can-Fit-Pro Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
CPR and First Aid Certifie

Bart Budyn
Exercising and being active has always been a big part of my life and continues to drive and motivate me daily.

I studied at the University of Western Ontario and hold a Bachelors of Chemical Engineering. As an engineer my schedule has always been very busy, however due to my true passion for health and fitness I have always found the necessary time for physical activity. I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 12 years and I absolutely love it!

With my knowledge and experience I am focusing on encouraging others to be athletically conditioned, to be conscious of their well being, to be able to achieve their health & fitness goals, and to show them that there is always time to stay physically fit no matter how busy their schedule.Some of my other interests include hiking, kite-boarding, snowboarding , cooking, and traveling.
My philosophy
I believe in  making fitness a fun, enjoyable, and rewarding experience that allows our bodies to feel strong: physically, emotionally, and socially.Mission Statement
To impact the lives of people by encouraging them to love and take care of their bodies through staying physically active and consciously healthy.
Can-Fit-Pro Certified Personal Trainer
CPR and First Aid Certified.

Chantelle Groenewoud

Chantelle has been an avid athlete since high school. In High school she was involved in Soccer, Track, Cross Country, Volleyball, and Snowboarding until grade 12 when she decided to focus mainly on Track. Chantelle attended University of Illinois on an athletic scholarship for Track and Cross Country, graduating with a degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Pre-Physiotherapy. Deciding to continue running and pursuing her dream of being an Olympic runner she decided to move to Guelph and run for the Speed River Track Club as an elite athlete. Eager to  share her enthusiasm for exercise and pursuing goals, Chantelle is excited to help others to find satisfaction in their fitness and reach their desired outcomes.


- Midwest Region Runner up (2008)
- 2 time All-Region Cross Country Runner (2008, 2009)
- Second Team All-Big Ten Cross Country (2009)
- Big Ten Runner-Up, 3000m Steeplechase (2011)
- 3-time NCAA Div. 1 Outdoor Track qualifier.
- Second fastest 3000m Steeplechase in University of Illinois history.
- NCAA Div. 1 Second Team All-American, 3000m Steeplechase (2011)
- 3 time Canadian National team member (Pan Am Jr. 2007, World Juniors 2008, FISU 2011)
- 2-time medalist at Senior Canadian Nationals (2011, 2012)
- Second fastest 3000m Steeplechase in Canadian history. (Personal Best = 9:54, Canadian record= 9:51.10)


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