Fitness Model Preparation

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And it’s NOT All About Training & Nutrition.

Watch The Videos, Learn What it’s Really Like, Develop The Mindset & Create An Environment That Yields Success.

Fill Out The Form Below And Receive All The Diets, Workouts & Strategies That Got Me Show Ready… And They’ll Work For You Too.

I always said I would compete again and realized it had been 10 years since I last competed! I had been so preoccupied with my family, business of personal training, and growing other interests that I thought I had all the time in the world.  It wasn’t until the birth of my son that I started to think more about my example to him, and that time was definitely moving along. 

I decided to compete in the 2012 Gatineau Quebec WBFF Fitness Competition this year to motivate ourselves to achieve top physical shape and inspire others to do their best along the way.  I ended up winning my professional status and decided to give it another go this Aug 25, 2021 and compete for title of WBFF Professional Muscle Model World Champion.  I finished 8th in the World and will be given it another shot in Las Vegas Aug 2013.  AJ Shukoori, the current champ, finished just ahead of me at the Gatineau show, which gives me the confidence I can beat him.;)

There is nothing “secret” about it. I will simply be applying all the fundamentals that we teach you here at Vitality Fitness Studio with 100% dedication and robot like execution.

 If you know you are going to need a lot more help than that please read below as it details the cost and service we provide for aspiring fitness models.

Aspiring fitness models need a lot of help.  Please read through what a Fitness Model Preparation Training Program will entail.  

Daily contact through Twitter, text, Facebook, Linkedin or email. 

2 sit down “pump your tires” Skype phone calls each week
About 15 mins to catch up and to get a look at your abs PRE SET and SOLID *at a time throughout the week scheduled like any other business phone call.

Weekly diet plans that will be easy to administer in your life, allow for restaurants but will require prep work.  I will require 1-2 days of your typical diet and somatotype so that I may calculate to the best of my ability your metabolism through average caloric intake and genetic predisposition. Professional fitness model like focus and progressive gains is the name of the game.  Timing of nutrient intake is more important than you realize so we’ll need to set multiple alarms and strategically place meals to coincide with your agenda.  There is no excuse big enough, we eat on schedule.

My entire Beech Body 10 workout video series for quick 20-25 minute workouts from your laptop, phone or tablet.

Custom made video workout challenges to teach you a new lifting program to be completed in our studio, gym, home or hotel setting.  Digital copy emailed, video posted private to You Tube for your viewing.

The Beech Body eBook, 277 pages of the nuts and bolts of what you need to know to be a Fitness Model.

Point Tracking System

An innovative way to stay connected daily where we focus on execution and performance.  If we are successful here, the results will come.

Fitness test review and follow up
Self administered to set our bench marks and track results with our Fitness Report Card.

This all sounds great doesn’t it?

I’d love to work with you on this self improvement project so what I propose is you contact me and we get started right away.  We’ll set up a pre-qualification phone call and take it from there.

I’ll reply via email within 24 hours and we’ll set it all up from there. Of course if you’d like to talk more about it please call 519-824-2065 or email

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