Lose 50 Plus Pounds

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“Before we jump right into an aggressive personal training action plan we have to develop the habits that successfully fit people do, while making it fun and manageable.  With that said…”

 ”Progression is the name of the game.  We Will Monitor & Track Your Progress To Ensure Forward Momentum.

Gaining over 50 pounds did not happen overnight and you need to expect that long term success that sticks is not going to happen over night.  I am not about to sell you a magic bean and have you believe you’ll drop this weight in one month.  A) You’re not isolated at the Biggest Loser ranch and B) I don’t have $250,000 to motivate you with.  

In fact, when I inherently know something is gong to be difficult and someone tries to sell me on the quick, easy method I tune them right out.  I know success comes at a price and I am much more likely to listen when someone gives it to me straight.  

What I can offer you is honesty and true feedback on your performance to keep you constantly climbing your mountain of success.  If you are completely sedentary we can start with incredibly small changes to see results, feel better and gain motivation for more challenges phases to come.

The “50 Plus Pounds” personal training program will involve…

Daily contact through Twitter, text, Facebook, Linkedin or email. 

Fitness test consultation, review and follow up.  Retest every 4 weeks to review successes and obstacles, refocus and design.

Weekly “pump your tires” consultations.
Training through each program is not the only thing that gets done in the session.  Reminding you of your goals and holding you accountable to the program is as much a part of your success as how much sweat we leave on the studio floor.

Weekly Eat Plans that will be easy to administer in your life, allow for restaurants and family gatherings but will also require some easy preparation work.  I will require 1-2 days of your typical diet so that I may calculate to the best of my ability your metabolism through average caloric intake and genetic predisposition. Measurable yet noticeable improvements in effort is what is required, nothing more… nothing less.  Timing of nutrient intake is more important than you realize so we’ll need to become more aware of this as well as many other success habits to follow.

The entire Beech Body 10 workout video series for quick 20 minute workouts from your lap top, phone or tablet.

Custom made programs to teach you advanced techniques to maximize efficiency and results.  Digital copy emailed, video posted private to You Tube for you to view.

The Beech Body eBook, 277 pages of what you need to know to lose 50 pounds and keep it off!

Point Tracking System.  An innovative way to stay connected daily where we’ll focus on execution.  If we are successful here, the results are guaranteed.

Daily Motivational Podcasts to help keep your head in the game.   Motivation is like a shower and needs to be applied daily.

Daily Healthy Habits.  Educational emails received daily reminding you of what habit to be working on this week.  We have put the top 7 success health habits in a specific order that has been proven to have the highest compliance and success rates.  Trying to incorporate another habit before the previous one has stuck reduces the success of the habits sticking by 83%!  We will introduce them one at a time, lock it in and move on.  

This all sounds great doesn’t it.

I’d love to work with you on this self improvement project so what I propose is that you contact us and we get started right away.  Session packages are based on duration, type, and  frequency and therefore, will be customized to your needs.

I’ll reply via email within 24 hours and we’ll set it all up from there.  Of course if you’d like to talk more about it please call 519-824-2065 or email info@vitalityfitness.ca

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