Bridal Body

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“A personal training program that is designed attain the picture perfect physique for your wedding day and special photos.  Timing for such an occasion is critical.  We want you and your bridesmaids feeling  accomplished, stress free and hopping with energy on your wedding day.”

“It’ll be our job to

remind you of the big day and see that you follow the plan daily!”

The “Bridal Body” program will involve…

Daily contact through Twitter, text, Facebook, Linkedin or email. 

Fitness test consultation, review and follow up.  Retest Every 4 weeks to review successes and obstacles, refocus and design.

Weekly “pump your tires” consultations.
Training through each program is not the only thing that gets done in the session.  Reminding you of your goals and holding you accountable to the program is as much a part of your success as how much sweat we leave on the studio floor.

Weekly diet plans that will be easy to administer in your life, allow for restaurants but will require prep work.  I will require 1-2 days of your typical diet so that I may calculate to the best of my ability your metabolism through average caloric intake and genetic predisposition. Minute to minute focus and aggressive planning will prime and polish the mind and body for the big day. 

The entire Beech Body 10 workout video series for quick 20 minute workouts from your lap top, phone or tablet when time eludes you.

Custom made weekly progressive programs teaching you advanced techniques to maximize efficiency and results.  Digital copy emailed, video posted private to You Tube for you to view.

The Beech Body eBook, 272 pages of the nuts and bolts of what you need to know to make massive, life altering changes.

Point Tracking System.  An innovative way to stay connected daily where we focus on execution and performance.  If we are successful here, the results will come.

This all sounds great doesn’t it.

I’d love to work with you on this self improvement project so what I propose is that you contact us and we can get started right away.

I’ll reply via email within 24 hours and we’ll set it all up from there. Of course if you’d like to talk more about it please fill in the form below, call 519-824-2065 or email

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