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Hey, what’s up? I’m Taylor Beech, the founder of
Vitality Fitness Studios, and if you ever asked yourself:

“How can I get my body to rid itself of excess fat?”
“How do I shape my body to the tone that I want?”
“How can I find someone to work with (or help) me?”
“How can I be sure I am getting the right value out of a personal trainer?”
“How can I gain more energy to maintain the lifestyle I want?”
“How can I build the muscle on my body that commands respect?”
“How can I improve my confidence and get people to listen to me?”

Or if you’ve ever just needed someone to talk to you about what you are struggling with and give you some insight.

…You’re in the RIGHT place!

Here’s How Vitality Fitness Helps
You Get Ahead In Life and Work.

As Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha once said,
“Teamwork is the secret that make
common people achieve uncommon result.”
I’m here to be your captain.




Taylor’s television showing airing all across Southern Ontario

Here’s the deal:

I believe smart people who want to win in today’s super fast paced life MUST learn to enlist the help of others to hold them accountable to their own goals.  If the goals are set and the ROI can be accurately measured it becomes a smart investment in yourself, the #1 ‘company’ on the planet you should be supporting.  

How can you find the time to do this while running a business… while working a full-time job… while raising a family?

Instead of digging through hundreds of books, thousands of academic research papers, and wasting time on strategies by so called “experts”…

…subscribe to the Vitality Fitness Newsletter (it’s free), and you’ll get PROVEN tactics and strategies from NYT best-selling authors, world-renowned academic researchers, world class athletes and of course, me, Taylor Beech.


I’ll cut through the fluff, showing you exactly what works how you can start doing it for your body and life.

All because I have a knack for breaking down psychological research, fitness case studies, and everyday human interactions into INSANELY PRACTICAL TIPS that you can start benefiting from TODAY.

Introducing The Vitality Fitness System

The Vitality Fitness System is a thriving (and fast growing) community of entrepreneurs, executives and everyday busy folk who want to become more… more lean… more energetic… more muscular… more successful… more productive… more persuasive… MORE.

There are three main features of the Vitality Fitness System. There’s the blog posts, the podcasts, and the videos. When you subscribe for free email updates, you’ll gain access to all three PLUS exclusive “email only” material (I treat my email subscribers the best).

Here’s what each “feature” is all about:

Vitality Fitness System or VFS for short, the blog, is where you’ll get proven research based article that you can use in your life and business. Some posts are about nutrition. Others are about fitness. Some are on the mindset of training.  There are several different categories that we write about.  Use any of them to get more of what you want.

VFS, the podcast, is where I deliver motivational and inspirational words to keep you on track.  They say motivation is like a shower and it needs to be applied daily.

VFS videos, are short 3 to 10 minute videos where I’ll share a simple tactic or strategy you can use to get results TODAY. Past videos are about “How To Make Black Bean Brownies” “How To Improve Your Confidence Immediately” and more.

What’s the best way to get ALL of the BEST free training material on the web? Sign up for the email list below:



Taylor Beech created the Vitality Fitness System to help men and women recognize the predatory tactics of fitness and diet gurus, get on the self love bandwagon, think critically about health, nutrition,and fitness, and learn to design their entire lives the way they want using fitness as the vehicle to get there. Turning his everyday passion into a profitable career through his unparalleled passion of helping others Taylor took on the role as Personal Training Manager of the busiest club in Canada turning monthly personal training sales around from a mere $30,000 to over $120,000 a month in only 6 months.

The dramatic increase in sales was directly attributed to the ability to package a service that was worthy of developing a long term retention of clientele. The programming success revolves around a high end service approach that reflects the expectations of its clients, leading edge exercise prescription that guarantees results and a fresh perspective on the psychology of reaching goals and the accountability systems to follow through.

In a nutshell, the training works and was taught successfully to a new breed of trainers to implement under Taylor’s leadership. Taylor saw the old “big box” way of running a fitness club as ineffective.

These clubs offered an excess of conventional machines. There was little emphasis placed on member involvement, but rather, their focus was on convincing members that results were achieved through an endless series of repetitious, often boring exercises, promoted as the most efficient way to exercise. Little time was spent worrying about whether you were actually using the club and more time was spent on marketing to the masses to fill the spaces left behind by those that quit within 3 months.

Taylor decided it was time to open a new type of facility, which has been called a fusion of systems, bridging the gap between traditional health club and an elite training studio. The original Vitality Fitness Studio opened in Guelph Ontario in 2004.

Our goal is more than just to help our clients achieve their initial goals, it’s to create a new lifestyle and long lasting friendships. We want to bridge the gap between what clients really want out of life and how achieving fitness results make it happen.

When you can make that connection, the motivation to do what needs to be done daily becomes very powerful.

our philosophy

Vitality Fitness Studio provides innovative and intense forms of exercise with a strong focus on performance and goal acheivement with service approach modelled after high end boutique hotels.

We provide professional coaching and services that help you to stay focused on the tasks at hand and strategically move through the anticipated struggles. We believe that fitness is the building block to which all other goals can be achieved. We train to capitalize on the opportunity to broaden our experiences when they arise both physically and business related.

To us fitness is about having fun while training to improve yourself. Whether a beginner, seasoned veteran or somewhere in between we have the experience and skill to help anyone achieve success. This process should be a life long one that needs to start with a good foundation.

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